Rules & Regulations

A Few Guidelines to be Observed

  • Pupils must be in time to the School. Latecomers are liable to be punished to maintain discipline.
  • The Pupils must bring their books according to their Time Table and parents/guardians should see that their children/wards devote sufficient time every day to study, revise their lessons and to do their homework.
  • Regular attendance is insisted upon. A pupil who is absent for the class will not be admitted unless a leave note is produced from parent/guardian stating the reason for absence.
  • Continuous absence without permission for more than a week will be deemed as withdrawal of the pupil and his/her name will be struck-off from the rolls.
  • In case of long absence owing to illness, especially for test and examinations the parent/guardian should produce a Medical Certificate.
  • Irregular attendance, disobedience to teachers, neglect of school work are sufficient reasons for temporary or permanent dismissal of a pupil.
  • Pupils should keep their classrooms absolutely clean and tidy. Any damage done to the school property will be charged individually or collectively as the case may be.
  • Pupils are expected to maintain silence in the class. They should obey their class leader, house leader and co-operate with them to maintain perfect discipline.
  • Pupils should not attend the school wearing valuable jewels or ornaments. The school will not be responsible for the loss thereof.
  • Parents should sign the progress report etc., of their children in token of having seen and noted the performance.
  • Parents/Guardians are most welcome to the school to enquire and satisfy themselves with regard to the performance and progress of their children/wards. They should approach the Head of the Institution for any clarification.
  • Visiting Hours: On all working days 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.

School Uniform

“ Uniforms show that you are part of an organisation. Wearing it says we’re all in this together . Also, if you wear your uniform with pride , it means you are half way there to being respectful ’’

Boy's Uniform

  • Cream Shirt
  • Green Trousers
  • Green Tie with Stripes
  • Green Socks with Cream Stripes

Girl's Uniform

  • Cream Blouse
  • Green Checks
  • Green striped Tie
  • Cream Socks with Green Stripes

Arise, Awake, Stop Not
Till The Goal is Reached

–  Swami Vivekananda

Reach Us @
  • M. K. Letha Memorial Public School Ayravon, Konni, Pathanamthitta District , Kerala – 689691
  • 0468 – 2245985
School Prayer

Oh God! Keep me good today,
Make me helpful, kind and gay,

Keep me cheerful when I play,
Make me anxious to obey,

Sun and Moon, Stars and Sky,
All that walks, swims and flies,

Ants and Elephants great and small,
God is the maker of them all,

Oh my God! Bless my Father,
Bless my Mother, Bless my Sisters,

My Brothers and my Teachers,
Bless me and make me a good child.

Bless our Country and its leaders.